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Kanto Ramen

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
11:51 pm - Grr. Misty.

Ash grumbled as he continued to tromp towards the Pokécenter. Stupid Misty. Stupid Misty and her stupid bike. Was he ever going to hear the end of that? After all, he was just a kid! He couldn't afford to buy her a new bike! What was she thinking? He promptly decided that girls, in fact, were insane. Stupid girls. Why did Brock like them so much? They never did anything except nag and whine and boss you around. God created girls to keep boys from having too much fun. Yes, that was it.

Well, now he had other things to worry about. He had to get to Pikachu and Brock. He couldn't go on to fight Surge without Pikachu by his side. Sure, his other Pokémon were great, but Pikachu was his buddy. He was his star player! He couldn't go and win that badge without his favored Pokémon by his side. Finally, the Pokécenter came into view, and Ash let a relieved smile cross his face. Approaching the door, he pushed it open and walked inside.

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
1:26 pm - And now... [for James]

Jessie and James had finally reached their destination. They had touched down about a mile outside of Vermillion City, since Jessie and Meowth had decided that the balloon might draw unwanted attention, despite James' contradictions. They had changed into street clothes, each behind their own, semi-private clump of bushes, and were now well on their way into the city, walking southwards along Route 6.

Jessie was just beginning to get winded as the city gates came into view. The fast pace James had insisted on setting (so that they might reach town in time for happy hour) had taken its toll on her. "We made it," she sighed wearily, eager to sit down somewhere and get some food into her stomach. Travelling with James and Meowth was far more exhausting than one might think. "And we even made good time. We truly are the best!"

current mood: determined

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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
9:46 pm - Serenade at the Pokecenter.

After stepping through the automatic double doors at the entrance of the Pokecenter, Brock watched Pikachu scamper off toward the counter where Nurse Joy greeted the small electric rodent with a joyful smile. Nurse Joy. Sigh. She was so beautiful .. just like the other Nurse Joy. His cheeks took on a red hue as one particularly hentai thought ran through his mind -- a thought that included himself, and both of the identical Nurse Joys .. and a spare tire. Erm, what? He quickly shook himself from his thoughts, before wiping away the drool that had begun to trickle down his chin. It was a good thing that Misty hadn't been around to make a scene, and yell at him for being a perv in front of Nurse Joy and .. that other girl sitting over there. Ash was right, Misty could really be a --

Other girl?

A large grin spread across his face, as Brock made his way toward the girl who was seated on the other side of the Pokecenter. She seemed to be drawing something in the margins of a notebook -- but the expression on her face was that of someone who was deep in thought. How much concentration did she need to doodle? Not really important. She was cute, and that was all that mattered. Brock cleared his throat, hoping to get her attention. It worked. The girl glanced up at him with a curious expression. Now was the time to make his move -- to deliver such a great pickup line that she wouldn't be able to refuse ..

"That's a .. err-- really nice pen you've got there." Smooth, Brock. Real smooth. He had to will his arm still, or else he might have smacked himself then and there. "Heh .. I mean, welcome to the Pokecenter!" Well .. at least it was better than him throwing himself at her, and asking her to start a famil--

Spoke to soon.

Brock threw himself at the girl's feet, taking her free hand into his as if he were about to propose. He looked up at her longingly, cheeks taking on a rosy coloration once more. "Would you be so kind as to give a guy like me your phone number???"

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8:33 pm - Vermillion Gym [for Ash]

Misty ran through the town until the large gym loomed over her head. She checked her watch, "Where is he? Id he wants the THUNDERBADGE, he better get here. Besides, the Raichu is mighty scary. Pikachu has enough spirit though. And I KNOW that Ash has enough ego." She waited outside, tapping her foot.

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12:14 am - Mourn the Shorts [for Butch]

Cassidy's suitcase lay open on her bed. Another glance at the room showed that clothing and other miscellaneous items were strewn about, and Cassidy herself was searching rapidly through the room, a blush on her cheeks. "Where is it?!" she muttered angrily, throwing open the door to the medicine cabinet. Upon seeing only some cough drops and aspirin, she promptly threw a fit. Stomping her feet, Cassidy threw the bottle of aspirin at the wall and it smashed, causing pills to fly everywhere. "Where in the hell is it!?!"

All the noise sent Raticate squealing, and her temper flared again. "Shut up stupid!!! I need that stuff. I had a whole bottle! You know how much anti-chaffing ointment costs? A LOT! Those beautiful leather shorts... I CAN'T WEAR THEM WITHOUT IT!!" Raticate just continued squealing. Cassidy huffed, pulling a pokeball from the hook on her waist. "Raticate, return!" A flash of light and he was back in his pokeball.

Counting to 10 and breathing deep, she gave up on the idea of bringing her new shorts for a night on the town. It would just be a business trip, then. Sighing and throwing in a few more skirts and a large bottle of industrial strength hair gel, Cassidy closed the over-stuffed suitcase with some difficulty. Tromping over to the door, she thrust it open and knocked loudly on Butch's. "You ready yet? We have to get going if we want to make it to Vermillion City in time for the heist!" In truth, she was confident that they'd make it with time to spare and execute their mission flawlessly. As usual. But she wanted to remain on top, and she was sure that the other members of Team Rocket had already started towards the city.

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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
9:49 pm - A pox upon muffins. [for James]

"Muffins," Jessie repeated for the umpteenth time, shaking her head as she slowly walked down the long corridor that lead to the underground docks. James and Meowth were behind her, James still seemingly pleased about their latest assignment. Shoulders slumped forward, Jessie frowned as she continued walking. "He wants us to bake muffins. That's an insult. We're capable of more than that! Much more!" she insisted, trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

"James!" she suddenly erupted, rounding on him and staring down both Meowth and her blue-haired partner. "We shouldn't have to stand for this! We're better than this! Better than muffins! We just have to prove that to the boss. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that! We'll complete our assignment and then work up a little... extra credit. What do you think?" Her frown gave way to a small, thoughtful little smile as the wheels in her head began to turn.

current mood: aggravated

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9:37 pm - An attempt to get this show on the road. [for Jack]

After packing a few of her belongings and forcing Jack to quickly take care of his own preparations, Chris was more than ready to leave for Vermillion City. If they left now, they could reach the city by morning, assuming they kept up a good pace and kept rest-stops to a minimum. They could have made it before dinnertime, but that would require cutting through their hometown of Saffron City, something she was sure Jack dreaded just as much as she did.

Dressed down in jeans and sneakers, Chris impatiently knocked at the door that lead to Jack's own living quarters. Folding her arms, she idly began to tap her foot as she waited for him to finish packing, her lips slightly pursed. "Jack, let's go," she called eagerly, pausing to check her watch. "Day's not getting any shorter."

current mood: anxious

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
9:29 pm - La dee da.

Duplica couldn't help but be nervous. She was in a big, unfamiliar city, with no friend or guide to show her where to eat or where she could stay the night or anything else that would have been helpful just then. Vermillion City was much better than she thought it would be, even bigger than Fuschia City, which she lived on the outskirts of. Putting a protective hand over the single Pokéball at her hip, she slowly made her way down what she figured was a main street, peering into the windows of shops and restaurants as she went. After passing a third restaurant, her stomach rumbled and reminded her just how hungry she was. Looking down at her stomach, she frowned and gave a tiny sigh. Time to find some food. Preferably something cheap. Most of her money had been spent on her ticket to the Pokémon show that would take place on board the St. Anne the next day.

current mood: lonely

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
1:07 am - Pokécenter, yeah yeah yeah. [open to anyone]

Having arrived in Vermillion City only an hour before, Zea was lounging on one of the plush, oversized sofas at the Pokécenter while she waited for Ryu, her Growlithe, to finish recuperating. Sitting in stocking feet, her legs were sprawled out across the cushion in front of her, her shoes resting nearby on the floor. Her elbow was propped up against the back of the couch and she had her notebook open in her lap, the open page half-filled with an almost illegible scrawl.

"Huh," she mumured to herself, reaching to scratch at the back of her neck. "I really hate writer's block. Been working on this stupid chapter for over a month and I still can't finish it." Sighing, she took up her pen and began to doodle in the margins, pursing her lips and waiting for some sort of inspiration to strike.

current mood: relaxed

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
3:57 pm - Giovanni's office (Team Rocket Members)

A dark shadow loomed over a computer monitor. His hand extended and stroked a Persian next to him, which purred in response. He depressed a button, speaking to his secretary, "Rita, let them in now."

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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
11:32 pm - La la la, la la la! [NPC Post]

Ash was all but beaming as he strutted through the gates of Vermillion City, strides as long as his young legs would allow. Flanked by Brock and Pikachu, his first order of business in this new town was to get himself some lunch and quiet his stomach. They were supposed to meet with Misty later that afternoon, since she had stayed just a little bit behind at the last trading post to argue about the price of a water TM she was interested in.

"Come on guys, I'm hungry," Ash announced, not for the first time that afternoon. He made it a point to be heard, even if it meant repeating himself. "What do you guys feel like?" He looked to Pikachu for an answer, but all he got was a profound "Pika?" and a series of quick blinks in reply. With a sheepish smile, he turned to look at the elder of his two companions. "Brock?"

current mood: determined

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