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La dee da.

Duplica couldn't help but be nervous. She was in a big, unfamiliar city, with no friend or guide to show her where to eat or where she could stay the night or anything else that would have been helpful just then. Vermillion City was much better than she thought it would be, even bigger than Fuschia City, which she lived on the outskirts of. Putting a protective hand over the single Pokéball at her hip, she slowly made her way down what she figured was a main street, peering into the windows of shops and restaurants as she went. After passing a third restaurant, her stomach rumbled and reminded her just how hungry she was. Looking down at her stomach, she frowned and gave a tiny sigh. Time to find some food. Preferably something cheap. Most of her money had been spent on her ticket to the Pokémon show that would take place on board the St. Anne the next day.
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