Chris McKane (rocket_chris) wrote in kanto_ramen,
Chris McKane

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An attempt to get this show on the road. [for Jack]

After packing a few of her belongings and forcing Jack to quickly take care of his own preparations, Chris was more than ready to leave for Vermillion City. If they left now, they could reach the city by morning, assuming they kept up a good pace and kept rest-stops to a minimum. They could have made it before dinnertime, but that would require cutting through their hometown of Saffron City, something she was sure Jack dreaded just as much as she did.

Dressed down in jeans and sneakers, Chris impatiently knocked at the door that lead to Jack's own living quarters. Folding her arms, she idly began to tap her foot as she waited for him to finish packing, her lips slightly pursed. "Jack, let's go," she called eagerly, pausing to check her watch. "Day's not getting any shorter."
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