cerulean_misty (cerulean_misty) wrote in kanto_ramen,

Vermillion Gym [for Ash]

Misty ran through the town until the large gym loomed over her head. She checked her watch, "Where is he? Id he wants the THUNDERBADGE, he better get here. Besides, the Raichu is mighty scary. Pikachu has enough spirit though. And I KNOW that Ash has enough ego." She waited outside, tapping her foot.
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Ash caught up to Misty only moments later, almost tripping as he all but screeched to a halt behind the willowy redhead. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he straightened his hat and looked up at the tall building that stood in front of them. "So this is Vermillion City Gym," he mused out loud, scratching at the back of his neck. "All right! We'll go in and win us a THUNDERBADGE! You ready, Pikachu?" He frowned when there was no answer. "Pikachu?" Taking a step back, he took a quick look around. The electric mouse was nowhere to be seen. "Hey, where'd Pikachu get to?"
"If you were a caring trainer, you would know that Pikachu is with Brock in the pokémon center. But obviously you ar enot as caring as you put off to be. Go get Pikachu, I will wait here." She sighed heavily and began to tap her foot again.
"Hey, I care!" Ash countered, folding his arms and turning his nose up in Misty's general direction. "I was probably distracted by YOUR yelling to notice that they left is all! And they weren't exactly vocal about it. It's not my fault."
"Well, whatever. Just go get him and get back here. I am sure Surge doesn't want to be waiting all day!" She watched him walk away, "That kid gets on my nerves everytime I look at him. But I NEED MY BIKE BACK!"
Sighing, Ash stomped off in the direction of the Pokecenter. It was time to go and reclaim his Pokemon. And if Misty mentioned that stupid bike one more time, he was going to... well, he didn't really know what he would do, actually.
"YOU BETTER HURRY UP! Gym leaders don't wait!" She turned away, "Why does he always do this?"