Jessie (rocket_jessica) wrote in kanto_ramen,

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And now... [for James]

Jessie and James had finally reached their destination. They had touched down about a mile outside of Vermillion City, since Jessie and Meowth had decided that the balloon might draw unwanted attention, despite James' contradictions. They had changed into street clothes, each behind their own, semi-private clump of bushes, and were now well on their way into the city, walking southwards along Route 6.

Jessie was just beginning to get winded as the city gates came into view. The fast pace James had insisted on setting (so that they might reach town in time for happy hour) had taken its toll on her. "We made it," she sighed wearily, eager to sit down somewhere and get some food into her stomach. Travelling with James and Meowth was far more exhausting than one might think. "And we even made good time. We truly are the best!"
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