Ash Ketchum (ketchum_all) wrote in kanto_ramen,
Ash Ketchum

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Grr. Misty.

Ash grumbled as he continued to tromp towards the Pokécenter. Stupid Misty. Stupid Misty and her stupid bike. Was he ever going to hear the end of that? After all, he was just a kid! He couldn't afford to buy her a new bike! What was she thinking? He promptly decided that girls, in fact, were insane. Stupid girls. Why did Brock like them so much? They never did anything except nag and whine and boss you around. God created girls to keep boys from having too much fun. Yes, that was it.

Well, now he had other things to worry about. He had to get to Pikachu and Brock. He couldn't go on to fight Surge without Pikachu by his side. Sure, his other Pokémon were great, but Pikachu was his buddy. He was his star player! He couldn't go and win that badge without his favored Pokémon by his side. Finally, the Pokécenter came into view, and Ash let a relieved smile cross his face. Approaching the door, he pushed it open and walked inside.
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