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La la la, la la la! [NPC Post]

Ash was all but beaming as he strutted through the gates of Vermillion City, strides as long as his young legs would allow. Flanked by Brock and Pikachu, his first order of business in this new town was to get himself some lunch and quiet his stomach. They were supposed to meet with Misty later that afternoon, since she had stayed just a little bit behind at the last trading post to argue about the price of a water TM she was interested in.

"Come on guys, I'm hungry," Ash announced, not for the first time that afternoon. He made it a point to be heard, even if it meant repeating himself. "What do you guys feel like?" He looked to Pikachu for an answer, but all he got was a profound "Pika?" and a series of quick blinks in reply. With a sheepish smile, he turned to look at the elder of his two companions. "Brock?"
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