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La la la, la la la! [NPC Post]

Ash was all but beaming as he strutted through the gates of Vermillion City, strides as long as his young legs would allow. Flanked by Brock and Pikachu, his first order of business in this new town was to get himself some lunch and quiet his stomach. They were supposed to meet with Misty later that afternoon, since she had stayed just a little bit behind at the last trading post to argue about the price of a water TM she was interested in.

"Come on guys, I'm hungry," Ash announced, not for the first time that afternoon. He made it a point to be heard, even if it meant repeating himself. "What do you guys feel like?" He looked to Pikachu for an answer, but all he got was a profound "Pika?" and a series of quick blinks in reply. With a sheepish smile, he turned to look at the elder of his two companions. "Brock?"
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Brock seemed deep in thought for a moment, stroking at his chin with his right hand while the left remained in place gripping at the corresponding strap of his backpack. He hadn't been to Vermillion City in sometime .. but there was bound to be a restaurant nearby that had some decent food served by hot and single women. The tone of his cheeks took on a rosy hue at the mere thought of such an establishment. All right, so now wasn't exactly the best time to allow one's thoughts to wander.

"Why don't we try over there?" He asked, while motioning toward a cafe-type restaurant just across the street from the local Pokemon Center. "Misty'll probably come look for us at the Pokemon Center when she catches up. We don't want to wander off too far .." Well, Ash didn't want to wander off too far. No doubt he would be the one suffering the wrath of Misty if she had to try and track them down. "I'm sure we'd be able to see her from there."
"Do we really want to be able to see her?" Ash asked wryly. He wasn't particularly in the mood to be yelled at, and where there was Misty, there was shouting. Always. Usually the argument involved a bicycle. Would she never let that drop? "It looks good. Let's go," he said finally, starting for the cafe Brock had pointed out and assuming that his friends would follow him. That had been, after all, the way of things since the beginning of their trip.
Brock followed Ash and Pikachu into the cafe, where he paused momentarily to scan the interior. Nope. No good looking women. With a sigh, he joined Ash and Pikachu at the table that they had already seated themselves at.

"You know, I'm not really that hungry now that I think about it .." He admitted. "Maybe I should go on ahead to the Pokemon Center and keep Nurse Joy company while you and Pikachu get something to eat?" Well, it sounded promising. Besides, if Nurse Joy wasn't in the mood for company, then there was always Officer Jenny ..
"Is that all you ever think about? Girls?" Ash asked, making a disgusted sort of face. Not that he was any better with his constant babbling about becoming a Pokemon Master. But hey, that was different. Pokemon were cool. Girls were gross.

"Pika," Pikachu said sagely, hopping up into a nearby booth.
Misty walked into the restaurant and scoped around. There they were! She rushed over there in a frenzy, Her face rather contorted and that one vein in her temple was pulsing. "You guys couldn't wait for me? How inconsiderate! I was giving my pokemon a little swim so they wouldn't be cramped in those pokeballs all day and you guys just leave!? And you owe me a bike. In case you forgot!"
Ash rolled his eyes as he slid into the booth, scooting over to make room for both Misty and Brock to sit down. "Like we could forget," he muttered, slumping back against the pleather-upholstered seat. "Come on, we told you we were going to go ahead and meet you here. You're back with us. No big deal, right?"
No big deal? With Misty? Wishful thinking, Ash. Brock wasn't even sure if he wanted to sit down at the same booth with either of them anymore. It was only a matter of time before they would be screaming at one another again. But alas, he could always attempt to play the part of peacemaker .. even if it never worked out when he tried it before.

While Ash and Misty discussed the whole bike situation amongst themselves, Brock turned his attention to the electric rodent who had seated himself at the booth .. as if he were just another human. It was doubtful that they would be getting any service anytime soon (Ash and Misty would probably just argue over the menu, too) so he reached into his bag and pulled out a few pellets of his homeade pokemon food to tide Pikachu over until they were able to order.
"Chu!" Pikachu chirped gratefully, accepting the pellets Brock had given him and beginning to nibble at one of them. After walking for so long (and occasionally bumming rides on Ash's head or shoulder), he was near starving. Ash gave the electric mouse an almost envious look.

"I'm hungry," the young trainer complained again, looking around for a waitress. His stomach gave a very audible growl. "Aw."
"When are you not hungry?" Misty gave Ash a very You stole my bike look. You know the kind. She sat next to Brock and browsed a menu. "Hey have you guys seen Team Rocket. Jessie and James were about ten feet behind us until we hit the entrance of Vermillion City. Then they just dissappeared. Maybe we can lose them on the S.S. Anne. Of course, Mr. Bigshot over here needs to get his badge from Lt. Surge first. And Pikachu won't cut it with that gym leader. Infact, I don't think you have any pokémon to fight those fierce Lightning pokémon. Guess you're going to have skip this badge. Let's just get Celadon City and shop!"
Ash gave Misty a horrified look, as if she had just told him something so ludicrous as 'Pokémon don't exist.' "Skip... skip a badge?!" Ash spat, incredulous. "I can't believe you'd say such a thing! No! I can't skip Vermillion City Gym! I'm going to be a Pokemon Master! There's noone I can't beat, Misty! You're just jealous!"


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13 years ago

"Well, Ash, why don't we get to the Gym then? Hmm? I already atleast ten victims of Surge's Raichu at the pokécenter. Nurse Joy is absolutely appalled!"
"We'll go to the gym! I'll win, just you wait and see," Ash insisted, folding his arms across his chest and throwing himself back against his seat. "But not until after lunch."

Sighing, Pikachu slid out of the booth, urgently tugging at Brock's pantleg.
Brock glanced down toward Pikachu as he felt something tugging on his pantleg. He couldn't help but to smile somewhat, knowing that he wasn't the only one eager to get away from the constant bickering between Ash and Misty. He grabbed his backpack, and stood from the booth -- careful not to step on the electric mouse as he did so.

"Hey guys, Pikachu and I are gonna head over to the Pokemon Center. He could probably use a pick me up, and I'm not really that hungry." Without waiting for either of them to reply (because they probably didn't even hear him anyway), Brock headed out of the restaurant, making sure to hold the door open for Pikachu to skitter out before him.
"Let's just burst your ego now and get to the gym. I wanna see the show on the SS Anne! So let's hurry up!" Misty pulled out her bag and dumped the sugar packets and coffee creamers into it. "There! Now we have food! TO THE GYM!" She marched out of the café. Once outside she went to the pokémon center to see Brock and Pikachu.

((Woot. In pokemon center thread.))
Appalled, Ash merely stared at Misty in disbelief. "That's not food!" he insisted, his stomach rumbling in unison with his voice. "Hey! Wait for me!" Grabbing his backpack, he ran to catch up with Misty, leaving the door to the restaurant swinging behind him.