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Pokécenter, yeah yeah yeah. [open to anyone]

Having arrived in Vermillion City only an hour before, Zea was lounging on one of the plush, oversized sofas at the Pokécenter while she waited for Ryu, her Growlithe, to finish recuperating. Sitting in stocking feet, her legs were sprawled out across the cushion in front of her, her shoes resting nearby on the floor. Her elbow was propped up against the back of the couch and she had her notebook open in her lap, the open page half-filled with an almost illegible scrawl.

"Huh," she mumured to herself, reaching to scratch at the back of her neck. "I really hate writer's block. Been working on this stupid chapter for over a month and I still can't finish it." Sighing, she took up her pen and began to doodle in the margins, pursing her lips and waiting for some sort of inspiration to strike.
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Pikachu toddled into the Pokécenter with Brock in tow, glad to have momentarily escaped Ash and Misty's squabbling. He didn't think that Ash even noticed he and Brock had deserted them. With a tiny sigh, he made his way towards the counter in search of Nurse Joy.