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Kanto Ramen

A Pokemon RPG

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This game starts just as Ash, Brock, and Misty reach Vermillion City (following the anime timeline). From here on out, everything is alternate universe. We will be deviating from the show's storyline, though we may reenact some of the highlights. The only Pokemon allowed will be the original 150 (plus Mew, of course), though characters from later on in the series are welcome as long as you can find a way to fit them in. The majority of the game will be played in this here community, though players are certainly welcome to have their characters make personal entries in their journals. This, however, is not required, merely an extra bit of fun.

Rules and Regulations

I. You must be at least fourteen years old to play. Of course, we have no way to prove your age, but the reason we have set an age limit is because we want our players to show a certain level of maturity. Basically, if you're immature and can't behave yourself, you're out.

II. Please keep arguments with other players out of the game. If a game-related conflict arises, please work it out. If you can't work it out on your own, feel free to contact either moderator (Tron or Chris) and we will be more than happy to mediate.

III. There are no limits on content, but please keep in character. Extreme language, heavy violence, or sexual content should be put behind an LJ-cut.

IV. There is no set posting requirement, but please try to stay active. If your character(s) is (are) left inactive for an extended period of time, you will be contacted with a warning. If you don't post or at least get back to us, you will be kicked from the game.

V. You are required to have your character's Pokemon start out in their first stage. This allows for greater story development, as our Pokemon can grow and evolve as the game progresses.

VI. Before applying for an original character, you must write up a profile, submit it to both mods (tronberry@hotmail.com [Tron] and greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com [Chris]) and wait for our approval. We're pretty generous, but we ask that you please put a fair amount of thought into your originals.

VII. All players are required to join and watch kanto_ramen_ooc. Any and all out-of-character discussion will be posted there.

Application for joining can be found here, and the application for original characters is here.

The mods can be reached as follows:
Tron: tronberry@hotmail.com, Agent Cyclops (AIM)
Chris: greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com, Meretrixa (AIM)

Ash Ketchum -- ketchum_all
Duplica -- duplicator
Zea Omega* -- zea_omega

Gym Leaders
Brock -- pewter_brock
Misty -- cerulean_misty
Lt. Surge --
Erika -- PENDING
Sabrina -- saffron_sabrina
Koga --
Blaine --
Giovanni --

Falro Kishibojin* -- falro

Team Rocket
Jessie -- rocket_jessica
James -- magmarita
Butch -- rocket_butch
Cassidy -- bitch_cassidy
Christina McKane* -- rocket_chris
Jack Strife* -- rocket_jack

NPCs -- kanto_muffins